New removable partial or full dentures

Learn to use your dentures

  • Allow at least one week to ten days before dentures feel more natural and comfortable.
  • If there is difficulty with speech at first, practice by reading or talking aloud.

Eating with your new dentures

  • It is normal to have difficulty chewing efficiently during the first few meals.
  • Cut food into small pieces, consume small amounts at a time and eat slowly.

Placing and removing your dentures

  • The dentures should be placed and removed with your fingers.
  • Never bite the denture into place. 
  • There is one definite path of placement and removal. 
  • Be sure the denture is in alignment with the correct placement path. 
  • Important:  Never force the dentures into place!

Denture care

  • Always keep the oral cavity and denture as clean as possible.  Failure to do so may result in damage to the gums.
  • It is highly recommended to remove and clean the dentures after each meal.
  • Use regular liquid soap or special denture toothpaste specifically designed to clean the denture.
  • Effervescent cleansers specifically designed for dentures can be used, but only after the denture has been brushed.
  • Caution:  Dentures are very slippery when wet.  We recommend that it is best to brush dentures either over a basin filled with water or over a towel. 
  • If the denture becomes damaged, please DO NOT attempt to make your own repairs.  Please contact our office to schedule an appointment to repair the denture. 

Storing dentures

  • When the denture(s) are not being worn, store them in fresh, clean water.  This prevents the plastic from drying and warping. 

Follow-up appointments

  • The first scheduled appointment after receiving the new dentures is a very important office visit.  NC Prosthodontic Specialists will treat any sore tissues or make adjustments that may need to be done at that time.  Several return appointments may be necessary until you are completely comfortable.
  • Dentures are not a final treatment since gums can change or recede in time.   Periodic follow-up examinations and treatment by our doctors will be necessary. 
  • Home remedies for ill-fitting partial dentures will aggravate the situation and probably cause greater bone and tissue loss.


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