18 Reasons Why People Trust Our Team

There are a lot of dentists who do implants, dentures, and crowns. Many are very good, so it can be difficult to know why one dentist may be a better fit for you.

Patients tell us that few dental offices in the state have all of the following in one location, and this is how we can give you premium restorations to transform your smile + life…

Advanced Expertise

  • We are Prosthodontists – certified dental specialists in fixing or replacing teeth
  • Other dentists send Complex Cases to us because of our comprehensive approach
  • We offer Advanced Treatments such as All on 4, a full arch of teeth on 4 implants
  • We can do surgery to remove bad teeth and place Dental Implants
  • You go home with teeth before leaving our office using our Same Day Treatments

Complete Office

  • At One Location we have everything you need for any treatment from start to finish
  • Advanced Technology will be used to give you the most accurate treatment
  • We have a Dental Lab in our office to give you custom-fit prosthetics quickly
  • Our Certified Lab Technicians can give you the best look and comfortable dental devices

Caring Team

  • We have an experienced Dental Team who cares about your comfort
  • We understand how to help patients with Dental Anxiety feel more at ease
  • You can relax with four Sedation Options, which are safe and effective
  • We have Board Certified Anesthesiologists who can administer IV sedation if requested

Proven Process

  • The NCP Specialist Smile System ensures specialized quality at every step
  • One Price means no surprises, you will know what you’re paying for
  • Financing Options makes it easy to afford your smile + life transformation
  • Ongoing Care at the same location means we support you now + later
  • Our patients’ before and after Smile Gallery shows you what is possible

Everything you need to get the treatment you deserve.

Are you ready to transform your smile + life?