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How Our Technology Helps You

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Our on-site dental lab has state-of-the-art technology that increases the precision of the dental prosthetics.

With these advanced tools, we can give you the strongest and most comfortable teeth that are custom-tailored for your mouth.

In addition our advanced expertise, this is how we can help you smile again, without having to wait or see multiple offices. We have all of the best technology and a complete team under the same roof, ready to serve you.

Our technology is all about helping you get the smile you want!

Summary of Our Advanced Technology

  • We have digital scanners to map your mouth without the “goo” from traditional impressions.
  • We use CBCT imaging to get a 3-D picture of your entire face, which is better than a simple x-ray because it allows us to give you a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • If you need implants, we have implant planning and guided surgery technology to locate where the implants should go, and surgical navigation to place your implants exactly in that optimal location.
  • And computer aided design software allows us to quickly create the perfect teeth for you.
  • A special lab scanner will allow us to design your teeth, and we can make your teeth in-house using a 3-D printer.

Below you can get even more detailed information about our advanced dental technology…

Intraoral scanner for fast and easy impressions

Often we can avoid using that “goo” in your mouth to make an impression, like you’ve probably had done at a dental office before. We know it’s hard to breath while that hardens.

An alternative to that, which is quick and easy, is the what’s called an intraoral scanner. It takes several pictures inside your mouth and puts them on the computer in real time!

CBCT for a more accurate diagnosis

CBCT stands for Cone Beam Computed Tomography. It’s a fancy way of saying a very powerful computer. It goes beyond an intraoral scanner to give us the most accurate picture of what’s going on inside your mouth, and how it relates to your bone and other facial structures.

It’s also called a CT scan, and helps with diagnosis and treatment planning.

Because this technology gives us a more clear explanation of what’s going on in your mouth, we can give you the best treatment to fix the problems you’re having.

I-CAT Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

3-D Implant Planning and Guided Surgery for the accurate planning

Implant surgery has never been more predictable and easier for patients with the 3-D Implant Planning and Guided Surgery software from Nobel Clinician. Using CT scan images, we have a 3-D image to plan exactly where to put your dental implants.

Before the day of surgery, we can custom pick specific areas of your mouth on the digital images to place implants in proper one volume to maximize the success. This way, on the day of surgery, there is no guessing where to put your implants.

Learn more about the X-Guide in the next section, and you can also review the steps to guided implant placement.

3-D Implant Planning and Guided Surgery

X-Guide: Real-Time Dynamic Guided Surgery for perfect placement

On the day of surgery, we can use the surgical plan to know where to place your implants. We also have a surgical navigation tool called X-Guide™ system literally guides us to that perfect spot on your bone to put the implant. This is the most accurate way to replace your missing teeth and minimize complications when placing dental implants.

How does it work?

The X-Guide™ system gives us turn-by-turn guidance during live surgery – it’s like GPS for the drill.

The X-Guide system makes it easy to be exact by providing robust treatment software plus new, patent-pending X-Point™ navigation technology – the first, single-view guidance of implant position, angle and depth. Now we do not stop at precise planning anymore – we can also place in remarkable detail as well. This is a big advantage, to give you implant results that make your teeth functional and esthetic, while minimizing complications and reducing the time to get new teeth on dental implants.

Computer-aided design software for accurate design of your teeth

Our lab has one of the most advanced computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) in the field of dentistry.

This advanced technology allows us to design your teeth digitally. Then, we can create your teeth using modern methods such as milling and 3-D printing technology.  

This new technology is fast and more easily customized for each individual patient.

3-D Lab Scanner and 3-D Printer to give you custom teeth

With the Nobel Procera 3-D lab scanner and a 3-D Printer, we can digitally design and create custom, beautiful teeth for you right in our office.

This means you don’t have to wait for us to send instructions somewhere else to make your teeth. We simply walk down the hallway and use these machines to create your smile.

Nobel Procera 3-D lab scanner
Sprintray Pro 55 3-D Printer

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