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Same Day tooth replacement

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Most cases allow us to give you teeth on implants the same day your failing teeth are removed. This is a temporary set of teeth, and later you will get a final set of teeth after your mouth has adjusted to the different size and shape.

At NC Prosthodontic Specialists, we can give you same day teeth because we have a fully equipped dental lab and experienced certified dental lab technicians. Also because as Prosthodontists, we are specialists in tooth replacement, we have advanced techniques for delivering same day teeth and pride ourselves on the commitment that no patient will ever leave our office without teeth.

When you receive treatment from our specialty office, you will get customized and great-looking teeth not just at the end of treatment but every step of the way.

Same day tooth replacement can fall under a few different categories, including the following…

Single tooth screw-in temporary

Traditionally, a prosthetic tooth (such a crown) is not placed on an implant until approximately three months after the implant is fully healed.  This process is important to insure the implant is strong and secure.

However, here at NC Prosthodontic Specialists, we can often put a temporary crown on a single tooth implant the same day that the implant was placed, to enhance the confidence in your smile while the implant is healing.

All of the Prosthodontists in our office are trained in giving patients immediate-temporary teeth on implants, and we can discuss this type of procedure during patients’ pre-surgery consultation. 

Complete arch screw-in temporary

Most of the time, a full arch of temporary teeth can be placed the same day as the teeth are removed allowing you to never where a removable denture.

This is an implant bridge that covers the entire upper or lower jaw (or both).

If you’re interested in how we can give a person a fixed full arch implant bridge on only 4 implants, see our comprehensive article on the All-on-4® dental treatment.

Immediate Dentures

Unlike conventional or fixed dentures, immediate dentures are made prior to the day of surgery and can be positioned as soon as the teeth are extracted on the same day. As a result, you do not have to be without teeth during the healing period.

For patients transitioning to a complete arch prosthesis such as a removable denture or a fixed denture, the treatment plan will likely include an immediate denture, as well as the final denture.  Our in-house dental lab allows us the ability to fabricate immediate dentures that are comfortable and natural-looking.

On the day of surgery, the immediate denture is delivered to the patient, allowing them to go home with replacement teeth.  The immediate denture is used temporarily for esthetic and functional purposes while the gums heal.  They also assist in providing an esthetic assessment while preparing for the final prosthesis that begins approximately three months after the day of surgery. 

Before & after example of Immediate Dentures

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