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Guided Dental Implant Placement

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Guided Implant Placement is a breakthrough technology for accurately placing implants in the jawbone for optimal function and esthetic results.

The following steps indicate why our patient satisfaction rate is at its highest, due to the accuracy, minimal invasiveness with less post-surgical pain and complications, combined with better fitting and beautiful teeth.

Guided Implant Process

Step 1
Pre-determine where the teeth need to go using artificial teeth that you can wear and test out, or we can simulate in our dental lab using a wax mock-up.

Step 2 
You receives a CT scan which accurately represents your facial bone structure.   Your teeth are also scanned, then this imaging is combined with the computer data from the CT scan to produce a virtual image of the bone and proposed teeth together. Think of it as a complete map of where you are at and also where we want to go with your smile.

Step 3
Using a sophisticated computer-aided design program, we can virtually “place” the implant in the dense part of the bone in the best location for the prosthetic teeth.

Step 4
Once the doctors and lab technicians are satisfied with the design, the data set is sent to a 3-D printing facility that can manufacture a “guide” that is perfectly customized to your mouth. The guide dictates the angle, depth, and size needed to place the implant in the exact location that it was placed in the software.

Step 5
Our dental lab technicians fabricate the new prosthetic teeth knowing where the implants will have an ideal location, so that all systems are in alignment (implants and teeth that are on top of them). 

Step 6
On the day of surgery we use the guide, place your implants, and often deliver you teeth the same day. The first set of teeth will be a temporary to allow you to adjust to them, and giving your gums time to heal from the implant placement.

Step 7
A few short months later, if healing has completed, we give you the final set of teeth that are supported by your implants, which were perfectly placed using this the assistance of this advanced technology and our expertise.

Guided Implant Placement

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