Patient Information

Dental Anxiety

Many people avoid regular dental visits due to fear and anxiety associated with going to the dental office.  According to recent studies, nearly 20% of the United States population report having a fear of going to the dentist.  As a result, many people do not seek regular care due to their dental phobia or anxiety. 

NC Prosthodontic Specialists are very empathetic about their patients’ dental anxieties and fears.  Our doctors, as well as the rest of our dental team make every effort to provide a pleasurable experience for the patient during their dental treatment(s). However, if sedation is requested, in most cases it involves the use of oral medicine to keep patients relaxed during their dental procedures.  Patients are not under general anesthesia, only oral sedation, which is very calming and enables them to overcome much of their anxiety. 

Another method of providing comfort for the patient during their dental treatment(s) involves a more complex regimen of drugs and management.  In these cases, we include Board Certified Anesthesiologists, each provide and supervise with their professional care throughout the dental procedure.  Many patients can have multiple dental procedures done during these sessions, to help reduce the number of dental visits that require sedation.