Removable Dentures

complete denture gives a person a full set of teeth.

The prosthetic teeth are made of plastic, porcelain, or a combination of both materials.

Patients can elect to wear either removable dentures or fixed dentures (anchored):

  • A removable denture is kept in place by natural saliva suction and gripped to gum tissue
  • A fixed denture is attached to dental implants that are securely anchored to the denture and jawbone. Many patients elect to wear dentures secured by implants which allows them to maintain a more natural quality of life.

Dentures do wear over time and will eventually need to be replaced or “relined” in order to keep the jaw alignment normal. Relined means updating the alignment of the denture.  It’s necessary because your jaw bone and gum ridges slowly shrink from not having teeth in place (although dental implants can help keep your bone in place). Regular dental examinations are still important for the denture wearer so that your jaw bone and gum ridges can be checked for change or disease.

Denture examples for Male & Female Patients

Overdentures (Snap-in Dentures)

Want your teeth to stay in place, but still have a removable denture?

A type of denture that is removable but secured with implants is called an overdenture. Meaning, they are a denture that “goes over” implants and snap-in for a more secure fit than a normal removable denture. People like how they can be removed, so they are easier to clean, but still feel more secure.

The main advantage of overdentures is to allow teeth to look natural by removing the metal clasps or hooks that are often part of removable dentures (they snap-in to the dental implants to stay in place with no metal clasps).

Also, it may be possible to eliminate the need for covering the roof of the mouth with a complete denture, depending upon the number of implants that are required. This would allow you to fully taste food along with a better sense of its temperature, and will feel much more natural as your tongue can rub the roof of your mouth. You can see examples of this below…

Partial Overdentures / Snap-in Dentures




Complete Overdentures /  Snap-in Overdentures



Advantages of receiving Removable Dentures from Our Team

  • We are Prosthodontists, certified specialists with extra training and experience with dentures and dental implants
  • Completely personalized experience – we spend as much time as you need going over every step, to make your dentures completely custom for your mouth. This sometimes takes longer but when dentists try to skip over these steps, that’s why you get sore spots. We want to give you perfectly fitting dentures for your unique mouth.
  • On-Site Dental Lab means you get great-looking and comfortable-fitting teeth
  • One price and all you need at the same location are why so many people are smiling bigger and living better (Smile Gallery)

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