Dental Bridges

Be able to chew and smile are important reasons for wearing a bridge, which also provides support for the lips and cheeks to speak clearly.Also, when teeth are missing, dental problems can occur such as the patients’ bite shifting.  So, a dental bridge can help avoid the risk of fracturing the remaining teeth. 

A dental bridge is a replacement for a missing tooth and is anchored to either the patient’s natural teeth, dental crowns, or implants.  Dental bridges can also replace multiple missing teeth. They literally “bridge” the gap created by one or more missing teeth.

Note that you may not need a bridge if you simply need a single tooth dental implant. However, if a dental bridge is right for you, using state-of-the-art materials we can make dental bridges feel and look completely natural.

Dental Bridge options:

Traditional Bridge

The most common bridge. With a traditional bridge you have a crown on either side with false tooth in middle.

The drawback of a this approach is you have to remove some of the adjacent teeth (unless you want to have a fixed implant bridge).

Fixed Implant Bridge

An implant-retained crown on either side with false tooth in middle.

A Fixed Implant Bridge is a good option if you don’t want to change the good teeth around your missing tooth. You can see an example of this at the top of this page.

Fixed Full Arch Implant Bridge (All-on-4)

A popular option if you’re missing all your teeth or have periodontal disease and need to have your teeth removed.

To learn more, see the article on Fixed Full Arch Implant Bridge (All-on-4)

Maryland Bridges

The Maryland Bridge, named after its place of development at the University of Maryland, is where metal or porcelain wings are bonded to existing teeth.

This option can be used to replace a missing front tooth without compromising the adjacent teeth.

Usually, patients who want a Maryland Bridge are either not eligible for dental implants or they have chosen not to have implant placement.

Advantages of receiving Dental Bridges from Our Team

  • We are Prosthodontists, certified specialists with extra training and experience with dental bridges
  • Same Day Teeth means you can go home with teeth today
  • On-Site Dental Lab means you get great-looking and comfortable-fitting teeth in less time
  • If you choose a fixed full arch bridge secured with implants we have Guided Dental Implant Placement for the most accurate results
  • One price and all you need at the same location are why so many people are smiling bigger and living better (Smile Gallery)

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